29pcs Chemical Glassware kit Lab Glass Set With Ground Joints

29pcs Chemical Glassware kit Lab Glass Set With Ground Joints
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Product Description

1. Be made of G3.3 borosilicate glass.
This borosilicate glass with low linear coefficient of expansion is ideal choice for fabricating laboratory glassware.
Annealing Point: 560℃
Linear Coefficient of Expansion: 32×10-7/℃
Softening Point: 820℃
2. The thickness of the flask wall is 2.5mm.
3. All of the joint is 24/29,This kit has 18 kinds of parts as below:

No. Specification Part name Quantity
124/29Claisen adapter1
224/2975°Distillation adapter1
324/29Vacuum take-off adapter1
424/29Inlet/Thermometer adapter1
524/29 200mmWest condenser1
624/29 200mmVigreux distillation column1
724/29 25mlRound bottom flask1
824/29 50mlRound bottom flask1
924/29 100mlRound bottom flask1
1024/29 250mlRound bottom flask1
1124/29 500mlRound bottom flask1
1224/29 125mlSeparatory funnel with PTFE valve1
1324/29Glass Stopper5
146*9Bleed Tube2m
Joint Clips/Keck Plastic Clamps10

Package Included:
1× Chemical Glassware Set

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